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[TYPE]: Illian verum Extracts
[DISTRIBUTION]: Mainly distributed in YunNan, GuangXi.
[APPEARANCE]: Yellow or white powder
[SPECIFICATION]: Shikimic acid 95% by HPLC ...
[NAME]: Horseradish
[PART]: Root
[Odour]: Pungency

[APPEARANCE]White powder
[PACKAGING]: Cardboard barrels lined with two layer plastic bags, 25KG/BARRELS.
[STORAGE]: A cool ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Paprika Oleoresin is a kind of natural red color refined from high quality paprika, having a bright color and superior coloring strength; It is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, ...
Radish red color
E1% 1cm=30
E1% 1cm=50
E1% 1cm=60
Radish red color
Radish red Color is a pure natural and water soluble food color produced by our company, is ...
[TYPE]: Senna leaf extracts
[PART]: Leaf
[APPEARANCE]: Grey-green Powder
[SPECIFICATION]: Sennoside 10%-14%
[PACKAGING]: Cardboard barrels, lined with two layers plastic bags, ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Product Name: Gardenia Extract /Gardenia Extract Powder/Gardenia Powder/Gardenia P. E/Gardenia blue/Gardenia yellow

[PART]: Dried fruit

[SPECIFICATION]: Geniposide 8% -10% by ...
Min. Order: 1 kg
White powder
Used in production of medicine, health food, feed and cosmetic as an additive.

It is a white powder which is widely used in production of medicine, health food, ...
Min. Order: 1 kg
[NAME]: Tribulus terrestris P. E
[LATIN NAME]: Fructus tribuli
[PART]: Fruit
[APPEARANCE]: Brown-yellow or light yellow fine powder, through 80 mesh, Characteristic Smell ...
[TYPE]: Carrot powder.
[LATIN NAME]: Daucus carota
[DISTRIBUTION]: Mainly distributed in ShanDong HeNan etc.
[PART]: Root
[APPEARANCE]: Orange yellow powder
Min. Order: 1 Piece
1. Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin for cosmetics
2. CAS 28302-36-5
3. Natural pigment

Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin for toothpaste and cosmetics


ChinaSodium ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
[TYPE]: Red yeast rice P. E
[APPEARANCE]: Red Powder
[SPECIFICATION]: Lovastain ≥ 3%
[PACKAGING]: Cardboard barrels, lined with two layers plastic bags, 25kg/barrel. ...
Min. Order: 1 kg
[TYPE]: Polygonum multiforum Thunb P. E
[PART]: Root
[APPEARANCE]: Orange yellow crystalline powder
[SPECIFICATION]: Emodin 50% 80% 90%

[PACKAGING]: Cardboard barrels, lined ...
[APPLICATION]: Sweet Corn contain a variety of effective ingredients, can be treated as ideal health food. with the function of lowing blood pressure. Cholesterol. Regulating the ...
[TYPE]Tomato Extract
[LATIN NAME]: Fructus Lycopersici Esculenti
[PART]: Fresh fruit
[APPEARANCE]: Red powder.

[SPECIFICATION]: Lycopene: 5%-98%, BY HPLC
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Product Name: Angelica Extract /Angelica Extract Powder /Angelica Powder/Angelica root Extract /Angelica root Extract Powder /Angelica root Powder
[PART]: Root
Min. Order: 1 kg
We are one of the leading manufacturers of the Gardenia Yellow colour in China, so we can offer you the excellent quality.

[Quality standard]:
1. Appearance: Yellow powder
2. ...
Beet red color is extracted and purified from edible beet
The pigment mainly consists of anthocyanin and yellow color of beet
Beet Red Color

[Origin] Beet red color is ...
Gardenia Blue
Origin: The gardenia fruit
Appearance: Dark blue

Gardenia Blue

Origin: The gardenia fruit

Appearance: Dark blue

It can easily dissolve in water, ethanol ...
Safflower Yellow is a yellow edible color, which is made from the crushed Feverfew safflower petal (Carthamus tincrorius L. ) through an extraction, concentration, filtration, ...
[NAME]: IcariinP. E
[LATIN NAME]: Icariinbrevicornum Maxim
[PART]: Leaf
[APPEARANCE]: Brown powder.
[SPECIFICATION]: Icariin 5%. 10%. 20% by HPLC

[PACKAGING]: Cardboard ...
Min. Order: 1 kg
Product Name: Hiemale Extract / hiemale Extract Powder /hiemale P. E/ hiemale/Silica
[APPEARANCE]: Yellow-brown powder
[PACKAGING]: Cardboard barrels, ...
Min. Order: 1 kg
Product Name: Eucommia Ulmoides Extract Chlorogenicacid/Eucommia Ulmoides Extract Powder Chlorogenicacid etc.
[APPEARANCE]: Light-yellow powder
[SPECIFICATION]: Chlorogenicacid ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Frozen Dehydrated Onion Dices can be used as the raw material added to the spices, also can widely used in health food, infant food, puffed food, seasonings, middle-aged food, ...
Min. Order: 1 kg
Product Name: Wormwood Extract Artemisinin/Wormwood Extract Powder Artemisinin
[APPEARANCE]: White Crystalline powder
[SPECIFICATION]: Artemisinin 99%
[PACKAGING]: Cardboard ...
Min. Order: 1 kg
[TYPE]: Echinacea extracts
[APPEARANCE]: Light-yellow Powder
[SPECIFICATION]: Polyphenol 4%, Cichoric Acid 2 %4 %7%
[PACKAGING]: Cardboard barrels, lined with two layers plastic ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Eucommia Ulmoides P. E.

Original Plant:

Specification: Chlorogenic acid 10%-98%, 99%

Test Method: HPLC

Molecular Formula: C16H18O9

Molecular Weight: 354.30

CAS ...
Product Name: Roselle, Roselle extract, Roselle P. E., hibiscus roselle powder, Jamaicasorrel
Latin name: Hibiscus sabdariffa L.

Appearance: Brownish red Fine Powder
[Color]: Green powder
[Mesh]: 80-200 mesh
1. Oat With the function of lowing blood fat, blood pressure and curing Obesity and diabetes.
2. Oat-With the function of ...

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